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A positive wrap up for real estate in 2005

A positive wrap up for real estate in 2005

Reading Time: 6 minutes Vincent Najarian General manager of C.A.R.E. real estate consultants E The real estate market, especially the high-end residential market, has appeared to ride out the crisis of 2005. Can you explain this and what is your forecast for 2006? “We remained positive throughout 2005, and are very upbeat about 2006. The signs are good. Only

Karim Fadel- Director, ABC Group

Reading Time: 7 minutes Since opening its first store on Martyrs’ Square in 1936, ABC has grown to become a reference point in the Lebanese retail industry. Boasting over 60,000 square meters of shopping space distributed across eight outlets, the group’s malls secure some 7.5 million visits annually, giving ABC an estimated 13% market share of Beirut’s retail industry

Highs and lows in retail in 2005

Reading Time: 6 minutes Michel Abchee Chairman and CEO of Admic, (the parent company of BHV, Monoprix and builder of City Mall in Dora) E How has the retail landscape and shopping habits evolved in Lebanon over the past decade? What does the modern Lebanese shopper demand and how successful have retailers been at responding to this? When we

Fadi Abboud: Lebanese association of industrialists

Reading Time: 9 minutes EXECUTIVE speaks to Fadi Abboud, head of the Lebanese Association of Industrialists, on the outlook for industry in the absence of government support, sizeable foreign investment and a fair playing field for regional trade. E Is the cardinal industry question, at this stage in Lebanon’s history, the cost of production or political stability? We can

Mohamed shabib – General manager, MTC Touch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Executive talks to Mohamed Shabib, general manager of MTC Touch, one of the two cellular phone management companies, on the state and development of Lebanon’s mobile telecom sector. E Following a year of challenges, do you see the Lebanese telecommunications industry as being in a better or worse position today than 12 months ago? We

abdul Hafiz Mansour- CEO, Horizon Management

Reading Time: 5 minutes Executive talks to Abdul Hafiz Mansour, CEO of Horizon Management, the real estate company, established in 2003, to oversee and develop the Hariri Group’s real estate portfolio, about projects in Lebanon and abroad. E What are the most important projects Horizon has been working on so far? We have been working on three projects to

Telecom sector hopes to pick up in 2006

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kamal Shehadi Managing director of Connexus Consulting E Now that the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) is being put on track with the search for a capable team, how long do you expect it to take until the agency can be fully operational and what should its first actions be? Secondly, is it possible to draw

Freddy Baz : Chief strategic advisor, Banque AUDI

Reading Time: 9 minutes E In the latest Banque Audi report, you state that Lebanon was a “no growth environment in 2005,” but that it was able to “avoid a recessionary trap.” How were we able to do this and what if any role did the banks play? What we wanted to highlight is that we are not in

Joseph Sarkis- Minister of tourism

Reading Time: 7 minutes Joseph Sarkis was appointed minister of tourism in the new cabinet. Here, he talks to Executive about this year’s downturn, the balance between security and tourism, and his hopes for public-private sector cooperation in promoting Lebanon as a major tourist destination. E To what extent has the tourist sector suffered this year? It is obvious

Getting the economy back on track

Reading Time: 6 minutes Mira Merhi Senior economist, ministry of economy and trade E Which sectors of the economy were most affected by the 2005 crisis? How is trade faring, given current relations with Syria? What are the government’s most immediate economic recovery plans? How does it plan to create growth? In 2005, the Lebanese economy witnessed a slowdown