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Stockholm on our minds

Stockholm on our minds

Reading Time: 5 minutes The most surprising development in this conflict may actually be the most positive – the unprecedented support of the international community for Lebanon, its government, and its people. As economist Marwan Iskandar notes, “This is the first time in the history of Lebanon that the country had received this kind of money.” Although aid began

Industrial revolution blues

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although in many ways, industry was less affected by the month-long conflict with Israel than other sectors, it faces one of the most challenging recovery processes. Speaking with Executive in days leading up to the conference in Sweden, Lebanese industrialists emphasized the need for strong government support in rehabilitating the embattled sector. Mohammed Zeidan, the

This was the cruellest cut

Reading Time: 3 minutes In our July issue, Executive devoted a special section to the tourism sector in Lebanon. Like the rest of the country, we eagerly anticipated a record season in 2006: the tourism ministry predicted 1.6 million tourists would enter Lebanon this year, and estimated the value of the sector at around $4.5 billion. On July 12,