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Visualizing Impact, seeing the future

Visualizing Impact, seeing the future

Reading Time: 5 minutes Even seasoned Palestine watchers might be surprised to learn that Ramallah receives slightly more annual rainfall than gray London. But Israeli authority over groundwater access and distribution across the West Bank has resulted in an incongruous statistic: the average Palestinian in the occupied territory can access only 70 liters per day, 30 short of the

Road to nowhere

Reading Time: 12 minutes When the plan for Fouad Boutros Road came to the Lebanese public’s attention this spring, activists and public officials clashed, with claims from both sides growing in volume and aggression. The administrative authorities support the Fouad Boutros link, an estimated $75 million project that they say would improve traffic flows through Beirut’s densely populated Ashrafieh

Microfinance rising in Lebanon

Reading Time: 7 minutes Want to take out a loan to open a small workshop in your village? Without owning a piece of land that could be used as collateral, banks would pass on that; they’d also decline the $200 loan request for a woman who wanted to invest in a sewing machine as the starting point for a

Every little bit helps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every day in the Philippines, select clients of CARD Bank receive a visit from their savings officers who collect as little as half a dollar from each and deposit it in their clients’ bank accounts. The micro-savings initiative, which CARD runs in partnership with the Grameen Foundation, helps people develop financial discipline. Mariner Apdo, a