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Everyone’s disease

Everyone’s disease

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cancer is everyone’s disease. At some point or another it enters nearly every home society. It can devastate patients and their families, not just emotionally, but financially as well.  It also lays a heavy burden on the government which bears a significant amount of the treatment costs. But research shows that the disease does not

A revolution’s commercial openings

Reading Time: 5 minutes Following the global economic crisis, the Arab uprisings of last year have been felt like a body-shot combination in the solar plexus for the advertising industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Though winded by the beating, the industry is still on its feet, and is exploring new opportunities the turmoil has created

The rewards of risk

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rizkgroup, a Beirut-based communications and advertising holding, has played a high stakes game in recent years that few other firms have dared follow. Since 2007, the Rizkgroup has expanded in four markets: First, they opened in Damascus; then they plotted a course to Sanaa in 2008, and from there leapt into Khartoum the next year.

Healthy returns in an ailing society

Reading Time: 9 minutes Despite billions of petrodollars spent on healthcare in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s targets for healthcare service have not been met in recent years. With the government’s push to include more private investment in the field, and Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning demand for medical services in a country that has high rates of diabetes and other ‘lifestyle’

Big is getting bigger

Reading Time: 3 minutes Increased competition in the retail sector has ushered in a new era, whereby malls have become the major players, as exhibited by the increased demand for space and rising rental prices. But there is little doubt that upcoming malls will irrevocably change the rules of the game in terms of operations, services, rents and fees.

Q&A – Chafic and Jemmy Saab, Jamil Saab & Co

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the lead-up to the market peak in Ashrafieh over the last two years, both established and new developers seized the opportunity to build in-demand residences in one of Beirut’s most lucrative markets. For Jamil Saab & Co, one of the oldest real estate investors and builders in Ashrafieh, the culmination of their efforts over

Q&A – Fadi Antonios

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fadi Antonios presides over a network of industrial enterprises in the United Arab Emirates and has growing interests in Lebanese real estate. Through his development company, Antonios Projects, he is the sole owner and developer behind what will be Lebanon’s tallest tower, the 50-story Sama Beirut, currently under construction in Ashrafieh, where it will offer

The new upper class

Reading Time: 3 minutes As Beirut’s recently launched mega-developments slowly rise from their foundations, careful plans are being debated and re-evaluated to ensure that the new generation of luxury housing is topped with the sweetest cherry: the Penthouse. Executive takes a look at the particular decadence of some of Beirut’s upcoming “palaces within the city”. 3Beirut Atop each of

Technology: the leisure of smart homes

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Lebanese are known to seek out and import the newest and most advanced products. The technology segment is certainly no exception, especially if the product serves a purpose to entertain, shock or pump up the egos of those who buy them, whether clients are in the hospitality industry or homeowners. For Beirut-based Triangle Sound

Q&A – Fady Chams

Reading Time: 3 minutes After starting out on the Cannes interior design circuit, Prospect Design International’s Managing Director, Fady Chams set up the second branch of the boutique design firm in Dubai in 2005. The firm’s work has been ogled by the eyes of the jet set, with a portfolio that includes the VIP Room in Saint Tropez, to