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by Benjamin Redd


Executive Online offers its readers in-depth and forward thinking analysis, solid reporting, informed opinion and comprehensive coverage on Lebanese and regional commerce, economy and finance as well as regular industry surveys, special reports, regional market data, global economic trends and the latest in science, technology and the arts. Executive Online serves as the hub for Executive magazine’s internet presence.

The re-launch of the Executive website, along with mobile and tablet applications, is sure to broaden the readership on a global scale.

Our new online platform is designed to encourage reader interaction with our content in multiple ways:

  • Trends: The Buzz brings together short, visual and fun stories into a blog-like feed of trending topics.
  • Multimedia: Vivid photo essays and video interviews with top decision makers offer users a new way to engage with business news.
  • Comments: Readers can share and express their viewpoints and become part of a vibrant online community.
  • Most popular: Users are automatically directed to the most viewed stories on our site.
  • Company Bulletin: A new micro-site concept focused on press releases that will offer corporate news and public relations. By uploading directly the press release you save time and get better results.

Whether through online debate or social media, Executive Online is the destination for smart and in depth interactive Lebanon and regional analysis on the web.


Executive’s readers are corporate, affluent and influential. They are decision makers who operate at the highest level and are remunerated accordingly.

These businessmen enjoy the lifestyle that their achievements afford them and naturally, they are the target market for automotive, corporate, financial and luxury goods advertisers. With several new online platforms, Executive’s vast readership will become even more accessible.