A two-way street

What’s a magazine without its readers?

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In the age of digital media Executive continues to circulate a print magazine to subscribers and newsstands every month. The reason why is straightforward: our readers still demand a physical copy of the magazine in supplement to our online content. And it is they who motivate us to deliver the best, most impactful, quality journalism. Thanks to our readers, Executive Magazine is the premier English business publication in the country.

There is no doubt that our readers are our main stakeholders and we appreciate them for keeping us going. And, when we walk into the offices of decision-makers and policymakers, of corporations, law firms, financial institutions, academia, development and civil society organizations, local and international governments, advertisers and media, Executive is certainly well known. We target not a mass audience but an educated one – people who need to know how policy works, how economic or financial decisions being made can affect businesses, government and the community at both the micro and macro levels.

We are often recognized as the best in what we do when we talk to business leaders. Our coverage of entrepreneurship and business, finance, economics, real estate and government policy help readers make informed decisions on how to guide their organizations into the future. And this is in appreciation of you as both subscribers and people who buy the magazine from newsstands, be it to read along with a cup of coffee or  waiting at the airport while traveling on business.

We have a group of long-term subscribers that have been loyal to the magazine for more than 10 years, and we were very curious to hear feedback from this group. So, we sent them a short questionnaire and, through their responses, we learnt that they like the diversity in our coverage and valued our company bulletin because of its brief and straight to the point information. Chady Issa, senior account manager at Ericsson Lebanon Communications, told us that our coverage keeps him abreast of the latest business news in Lebanon. The editorial opinions of the magazine include well articulated and persuasive arguments, and subscribers agree that government officials take notice. Executive’s emphasis on statistics was the most important point of reference, one business leader wrote. Another told us that Executive Life, first published in the summer of 2015 and now featured every month in the magazine, was a breath of fresh cultural air. Hoda Azzam, finance manager at Debbane Group, cited several Executive opinions and articles in the last year that were particularly persuasive including IDAL: Just go (January 2015), To fee or not to fee (July 2015), A port policy for all (July 2015), and Working with & against financial sanctions (August 2015).

The editorial team at Executive Magazine would like to thank our long-time subscribers for their loyalty and support, and we also want to thank the many daily visitors to the Executive Magazine website and its subsidiary Executive Life and Executive Bulletin sites. Your input is immensely valuable and encouraging through both traditional feedback loops and via online comments. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest quality of business news coverage.