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Saving money one sunbeam at a time

ABC embraces solar energy to cut down its electricity bill

by Matt Nash

The problem could not have been more standard: how can ABC’s department store in Ashrafieh reduce overhead to maximize profits? In 2012, the company began doing some research on electricity consumption with an energy audit. A solution soon followed: use that glowing orb which gives us life. In June, the department store went solar – partly.

Mohammad Abou Rich, the mall’s technical director, told Executive that a system consisting of 4,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels on the mall’s roof will supply 21 percent of the department store’s yearly energy needs, saving ABC $100,000 per year in dual energy bills. While the amount paid to design and build the system is “confidential,” Abou Rich explains that because of the way the panel layout was designed – with the sun-suckers oriented east-west instead of north-south, as many of the other contractors who bid for the project proposed – the investment will be recouped in only five years because of the extra power supplied. Panel orientation east-west (in line with the path of the moving sun, for the astrophysically challenged) means the system produces “10 to 15 percent” more electricity than a north-south orientation, he says.

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Matt Nash

Matt was Executive's Economics & Policy Editor and Real Estate Editor from May 2014 to November 2017. He began reporting in Lebanon in April 2007, and his coverage focused on oil and gas, public policy and human rights.

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Audrey Miller August 18, 2015 - 10:10 AM

Great idea, solar energy really helps you to save energy. Many department stores, malls, buildings are now using solar power because of the good benefits it gives not just for the business but also to the citizens. http://www.arizonaaccurate.com/

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