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Wine harvesting in Lebanon

In photos: A close up look at Château Kefraya’s wine harvest

by Greg Demarque

Executive followed workers at Château Kefraya on August 22 busy harvesting grapes for the winery’s yearly white wine production. While Kefraya has so far been spared, bad weather has affected harvests at other wineries in Lebanon. One of the worst hit was Domaine de Baal, which experienced heavy hailstorms on September 15 that ruined more than 50 percent of its crop. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, however, wine production and tourism has been on a steady rise in Lebanon and wine producers and drinkers alike have cause to be optimistic.

Distribution of boxes to each harvester
Workers harvesting grapes
A worker records the amount of grapes harvested
Harvesters are paid according to weight of harvest collected
Workers carry boxes to the harvesters
Filled boxes are returned to a truck
The grapes are poured into the truck
When the truck is filled, it is taken to the vats
Before it emptied, the truck is weighed to know how many tons of grapes will be fermented
The grapes are poured into the presser
The grape juice pours from the presser
After pressing, the grape juice is ready to enter the vats for fermentation
Due to the sweltering heat, workers start harvesting at 5.30am
A worker proudly shows his day's collection
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Greg Demarque

Greg Demarque is a photo journalist based in Beirut.

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