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August – September 2022

by RabihIbrahim

August / September 2022




Banks are in the firing line

The cries are louder of an angry, poor nation

A deliberate mistake?

A sloppy and condescending op-ed from the World Bank


Banking for the common person
Lebanese banks are stuck at an intersection marked by disgruntled depositors and absent legislators

The legality and the perceptions of banking based in Lebanon
The public has been unwittingly enjoying a governmental charade of discussions, statements, and little change

The local bitcoin market and the crisis
The young currency remains a topic of the day

Nfts in lebanon: Just a craze or a promising opportunity?
As trust in traditional banking declines, financial preservation using digital methods are starting to be cooked up

A weak position in the undeclared cyber war
Lebanon lacks the sufficient talent, resources and up-to-date technologies to ensure robust cyber defenses

One path to survival with no forks in the road
A new financial system is required to lift the nation from its bowels of misery


An infamous debt build up
Economic reform first, then debt rescheduling will follow

No legal legs to stand on: Mikati’s plan for the financial crisis
The Government’s proposals are undesirable for depositors



Thinking financial inclusion

Leveraging economic opportunities in a crisis-ridden climate