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High expectations

High expectations

This article is part of Executive’s special report on the oil and gas sector. Read more stories as they’re published here, or pick up October’s issue at newsstands in Lebanon.   Much has been said regarding the prospects for oil and natural gas in Lebanese waters. Extensive surveying — the entirety of the country’s offshore

Powered by gas

This article is part of Executive’s special report on the oil and gas sector. Read more stories as they’re published here, or pick up October’s issue at newsstands in Lebanon.   When Lebanon moves forward toward extracting its potential oil and gas resources in the country’s coastal waters, it will do so with the intention of powering

Calling out corruption

In late July, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) quietly issued a statement calling on citizens to report violations of fraud, nepotism and corruption by security force personnel, as part of its attempt to stop illicit activity by officers from within its own ranks. The complaint system is part of an overall effort to build community

Hands off!

Yet another extension for companies to submit bids in Lebanon’s first offshore oil and gas licensing round was announced in mid-August by Minister of Energy and Water Arthur Nazarian, indefinitely extending the deadline to no more than six months after the two needed decrees are adopted. But oddly enough, the youth wings of Lebanon’s political

Sailing away from responsibility

If the launching of Lebanon’s first offshore licensing round back in early 2013 was the dawn of the industry in the country, then only now is civil society groggily awaking to its oversight role in the emerging oil and gas sector. This industry is operated by some of the largest, richest and most influential multinationals

Stars Communications' Verdun branch

A world connected (to the US government)

Last month the United States Treasury Department singled out local company Stars Group Holding for alleged ties to Hezbollah, adding the company, several subsidiaries and associated individuals to its ‘specially designated nationals’ (SDN) list. As part of its accusation, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said that these entities operate as a procurement front,

Experts on oil and gas met at the École Supérieure des Affaires in Beirut in May

Between vision and mirage

An air of frustration hung over last month’s oil and gas conference at the École Supérieure des Affaires. “It is clear that there is no plan,” vented an industry leader who wished not to be named, referring to the government’s lack of a publicly articulated roadmap for the sector. Political hurdles have slowed progress on

Can Bassil go it alone?

On January 8, caretaker Minister of Energy and Water Gebran Bassil again delayed the first licensing round for offshore oil and gas exploration ­— perhaps the biggest hope for Lebanon’s static economy. The reason was the same as the two previous times it had been delayed since September — two decrees need to be signed

Educating the oil and gas generation

The emerging oil and gas industry in Lebanon may have hit a few speed bumps recently, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s universities from starting to think about the industry’s potential. Lebanon’s universities have always graduated students into the oil and gas professions but they are beginning to recognize the demand for specialized programs that