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Positive shock

Positive shock

Reading Time: 8 minutes Likely due to some well publicized successes, the concept of startup acceleration has spread like wildfire over the past decade. This idea — nurturing nascent innovators for a small slice of the pie — has developed worldwide. Every cluster of startups that considers itself an ecosystem needs at least one accelerator to take itself seriously.

It’s hard to enter when you can’t exit

Reading Time: 3 minutes EuroMena is a series of private equity funds managed by Capital Trust Group. The latest fund, EuroMena III, launched in June 2014 and aims to provide financing to fast growing industries in the MENA region. Executive sat down with managing director Romen Mathieu and executive director Gilles de Clerck.   Since we last spoke in

Struggling to capitalize

Reading Time: 2 minutes While naturally there are incremental increases to any reputable Lebanese financial service business, 2014 did not see any developments out of the ordinary. The lack of real activity on the capital market front in Lebanon remains a barrier for the financial service industry to properly flourish, though the efforts of the Capital Markets Authority since

Stunted growth

Reading Time: 6 minutes As Lebanon’s banking sector continues to be as solid as a rock the financial sector is perhaps its deprived younger cousin. However, many financial firms and boutiques do stake it out from their headquarters in the heart of glossy downtown, adding to a space already crowded by investment units of commercial banks and financial advisory

Shattered dreams

Reading Time: 10 minutes The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) has “a team of people who mean well, but look at the top. Look at the board,” says Nassib Ghobril, head of the economic research and analysis department at Byblos Bank Group. Twenty years after it was formed, IDAL has failed to live up to the high hopes

Getting hands on

Reading Time: 5 minutes Just as Lebanon’s startup ecosystem is growing, so is the diversity of its funding sources. Abdallah and Ghaith Yafi are the brother duo behind Y Venture Partners (YVP), a new, early stage investment and advisory firm. Prior to starting this venture, they founded Lebanese ecommerce site ScoopCity as well as Canadian ecommerce site TheVolts. Executive

In comes the money

Reading Time: 6 minutes As of this year, startups in Lebanon will no longer have to complain over a lack of investors willing to give them cash in exchange for equity stakes. There are several new venture capital (VC) funds on the block, both from existing players and new ones. While this does not guarantee that entrepreneurs will not

Positive steps

Reading Time: 2 minutes Entrepreneurs have had a good year in 2014. With the eTobb team being admitted to Mountain View’s 500 Startups, considered to be one of the top accelerators globally, and with one of the cofounders of Ki being admitted to the Startup Sauna accelerator in Helsinki, Lebanese startups are increasingly showcasing their talents abroad. Closer to

Beyond the lira

Reading Time: 3 minutes This company is part of Executive’s Top 20 in science and technology. Read more stories of our special report on entrepreneurship in Lebanon, as they’re published here.   Yellow Distributed Technologies   Industry: ICT, financial services Project/product: Yellow Bitcoin payment processor Year of incorporation: 2014 Product launch: 2014 Employees: One Board of directors: Yes, four

Solar energy and beyond

Reading Time: 2 minutes This company is part of Executive’s Top 20 in science and technology. Read more stories of our special report on entrepreneurship in Lebanon, as they’re published here.   Yelloblue   Industry: Alternative energy Year of incorporation: 2012 Employees: 14 Board of directors: No Founder: Antoine Kaldany   Though alternative energy is emerging thanks to resourceful