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A roadmap to recovery

A roadmap to recovery

Reading Time: 27 minutes There is one question on everyone’s mind: Is there still a way out of the current crisis or are we going to fall into an abyss with an intense deterioration of all economic indicators that could lead to dire consequences? A summary of the current economic situation will help us analyze its sustainability.  Then we

Dissecting recent Lebanese economic developments

Reading Time: 8 minutes A lot of rumors have been circulating lately regarding the economic situation in Lebanon. Every citizen, whether an economic expert or not, is worried about the liquidity in the system and is trying to analyze the different scenarios and probabilities of occurrence of an economic and/or financial crisis. On the economic front, growth in the

Credit crunched

Reading Time: 3 minutes Loans have divided societies throughout history, between people who consider them a beneficial product that allows customers to purchase goods they need now and pay for later in the future, and others like Thomas Jefferson who believe “that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but

Interest rates on the rise

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Lebanese banking sector has been tested against internal and external shocks many times through recent decades, and it has been tested yet again this year. The sector still enjoys high liquidity ratios, enabling the banks to weather economic turmoil, while the sector as a whole has also been steadily reducing its heavy government exposure