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Strategies to survive the real estate sales slump

Reading Time: 3 minutes The disruption was illuminating. When the knock first came, Georges Chehwane tried not to interrupt his interview with Executive. The matter, however, demanded the chairman of Plus Holding’s attention. A client wanted to buy an apartment in a building Plus Properties is promoting, but needed flexibility in payment scheduling. It wasn’t long before Chehwane was

Going it alone, together

Reading Time: 9 minutes Samar Ibrahim doesn’t like her current office. Since February, necessity has forced her into a small space in the bowels of ABC Mall, Ashrafieh. She suggests meeting for an interview instead at Urbanista on the top floor. It’s fitting that she’s chosen a coffee shop as a setting – she sounds like her own ideal

A stroll through the ecosystem

Reading Time: 8 minutes The most common ecosystem disturbances are fast and furious. Earthquakes. Floods. Fires. Not so Circular 331. The initiative by Banque du Liban (BDL), Lebanon’s central bank, provided a long-awaited capital injection into the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. But it’s a disturbance more akin to climate change than a meteor strike. Organisms long part of the ecosystem

Extra! Extra!

Reading Time: 6 minutes After 200 months of continuous publication, we at the Executive editorial team could fill a whole book with the stories behind our stories and with lists of our own favorite issues, articles, covers, photos and illustrations. More important than what we think, however, is what our readers think. You, after all, are the reason we

On the road to Oz

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anniversaries are about celebration but they should also be a time for reflection on the good, the bad and the ugly. This issue is filled with the good, including deserved tributes and acknowledgment of the work that Executive has done and continues to do. The bad and ugly, however, have been our approach to the

Intelligent designs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Regular readers of the magazine will notice something’s different. Cleaner. Crisper. We’ve tweaked our layout, and matte paper is back for the first time since 2004. It’s a slightly new look, but we’re keeping some basic elements that define our identity. We’re a business publication. And a serious one. We write three-course meals, not light

Because it’s 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes Successful Lebanese businesswomen are usually extra busy at the beginning of March, four of them tell Executive. It’s not the imminent close of the first quarter demanding increased attention, but rather requests from media outlets paying their annual homage to International Women’s Day on March 8. Frankly, this kind of coverage is demeaning. Equality is

Questioning the messenger

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Just five minutes,” the elderly man tells his waiting wife. He’s busy securing their financial future, he explains. The advertisement by al-Lebananiyeh al-Arabieh lil Tasleef (LAT), a loan company, could not have been clearer: quick and easy money. At the end, the ad duly informed viewers that potential customers need collateral to receive their loans,

Toward ethical lending

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the list of what separates humans from our primitive ancestors, one activity usually gets neglected: lending with interest. Finance seems embedded in our DNA. We have debt records that date back more than 4,000 years. As the historian Niall Ferguson put it in his book, “The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the