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New vs. old schooling methods

New media mandates a new school system

New media mandates a new school system

The digital revolution and the ubiquitous presence of the internet, social media and new communication technologies has profoundly altered traditional forms of education and is undeniably shaping a new educational landscape. The conventional schooling system now needs to reinvent itself in order to adapt to a situation where students have instant access to news, information

Lebanese popstar Haifa Wehbe did a campaign with Pepsi

The new face of brand advocates

As part of their communication efforts, companies have used and abused actors, athletes and celebrities as brand ambassadors who endorse and become the face of their brands. The pairings of George Clooney with Nespresso, Roger Federer with Gillette or Haifa Wehbe with Pepsi come to mind. Over the years, another profile of ambassadors emerged. Companies

Something to talk about

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” One could easily argue that in this statement George Bernard Shaw aptly described the affliction of the world of corporate communication for the longest time. Communication is the exchange of information between people. Yet most companies have left out the word