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What lies beneath

What lies beneath

Reading Time: 6 minutes Lebanon has missed several opportunities to grow its nascent oil and gas industry at an ideal pace, but now regional developments threaten not just further delays, but also permanent losses unless the country acts to protect its national interests. The new urgency stems primarily from two principal events. The first was last summer’s discovery of

Uncrossing wires

Reading Time: 5 minutes Lebanon’s electricity sector faces severe difficulties on multiple levels, making it an unsustainable burden on the economy in general and the state budget in particular. Problems extend across all stages of the business process, from production to distribution, even billing and collection, despite the latter having been franchised out to private companies. Promising proposals — including

The Cyprus solution

Reading Time: 5 minutes More and more people are arriving at the same conclusion: a miracle cure for much of what ails the European Union is close at hand, and Cyprus is easily the best place to dispense it. Apart from Germany and a few other exceptions, the EU economy is in a historic slump, while its appetite for

Making the most of our energy wealth

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lebanon is presented with the most serious challenges it has faced in the past decade. The economy is struggling, the internal security situation is deteriorating and the country’s neighbors pose real threats. In these circumstances the very fact that the country continues to operate can be seen as a success. And amidst everything, there are opportunities — not just

Oil and gas as a catalog for peace

Reading Time: 4 minutes The science is still in progress, but it now seems clear that the Eastern Mediterranean Basin holds oil and gas deposits that are truly mammoth. While the precise amount and locations of the resources in question are far from assured, the current estimates suggest there is likely to be some $170 billion worth of oil

Singing the praises of an oft-slighted OPEC

Reading Time: 5 minutes   In September 2010, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) marked its 50th anniversary, but most of the world’s leading social, economic and environmental bodies did not join in the celebrations. The milestone provided what should have been a fitting backdrop for recognition of the very real accomplishments of OPEC’s past and present