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How Lebanese entrepreneurs can survive the liquidity crisis

How Lebanese entrepreneurs can survive the liquidity crisis

Reading Time: 5 minutes IN BRIEF The liquidity crisis requires immediate attention and will likely result in an IMF program, with consequences for poorer Lebanese. In the short term, an IMF-backed loan program would need to create a specialized fund to promote the local private sector and entrepreneurship. In the long term, the government needs to foster relationships between

Lebanese entrepreneurship requires a robust regulatory framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes Regulation is key for the success of entrepreneurship initiatives. Tax breaks, a regulatory sandbox, and access to finance will aid investment in small and early stage startups in Lebanon. The Banking Control Commission of Lebanon could play a pivotal role in kick-starting the fintech sector through a regulatory sandbox. The High-Level Lebanon-UK Tech Forum, held

The opportunity of peer-to-peer lending in Lebanon

Reading Time: 3 minutes Through conversations with Lebanese entrepreneurs, business owners, bankers, and politicians, I have had a number of eye-opening discussions into the challenges and opportunities faced by Lebanon’s SME ecosystem. Given the country’s long-standing tradition in financial services and its large banking sector, I believe fintech—with solutions such as peer-to-peer lending, machine learning to personalize insurance solutions,