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Picking the right suit to be boss

Reading Time: 3 minutes A boss can silently let his fellow colleagues know how he gets business done. A bespoke suit along with a crisp dress shirt and pure silk tie is for those businessmen that run the company in a classic manner. The specific cut of their suit parallels the defined lines of the corporate structure. “Around 75 to

Five summer holiday destinations

Reading Time: 4 minutes Top Five Summer Destinations Tired of sitting in Beirut traffic, breathing in the summer smog? With schools out last week, students and parents can finally forget the exam season and escape for a bit as a family. Executive talked to top Lebanese travel agents, Wild Discovery and Tania Travel, and asked them for their top

Alfa and Touch: Who is innovating?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Taking a 50 percent hit in sales of a top product is never easy. But if you’re a government who uses those profits to service your debt, it can be disastrous. Such is the case with mobile text messaging in Lebanon, which has lost around half its volume over the past two years. When you

Is the extension of parliament’s term constitutional?

Reading Time: 3 minutes On May 31, Lebanon’s parliament agreed to a 17-month extension of its own mandate. The decision was clearly unpopular with some Lebanese — as MPs were on their way to vote, demonstrators threw tomatoes at their vehicles. Soon after the extension was passed, President Michel Sleiman and Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) leader Michel Aoun declared

Cranes over Beirut

Reading Time: < 1 minute At any given time, Beirut’s skyline is a kaleidoscope of chaos. While the economy may be struggling, in the city center luxury developments rise up with mesmeric frequency. In a country where long-term urban planning is woefully lacking, dozens of skyscrapers emerge every year — towering over the city’s ancient buildings. We decided to capture