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A Social Initiative by Coral Lebanon

by Coral Oil

The Coral Oil Company Limited empowers education with scholarships provided for 350 students across 25 schools.

On the occasion of the 2022 end of year festive season, Coral led a corporate action consisting of providing 350 scholarships to students in a selection of 25 schools across Lebanon. The company donated in the hope of expressing its deep love to the country, especially with the acute and unprecedented crisis storming Lebanon. This social initiative is based on a corporate firm belief that there can be no greater gesture than ensuring children receive the education they deserve, and which is their absolute and most sacred right.

Coral profoundly believes that education lies at the core of every great society. As a company that is actively engaged in ensuring the wellbeing of its community, Coral actively supports students whose families have been severely affected by the unprecedented dire circumstances afflicting Lebanon, that is jeopardizing education, and consequently compromising the future of its young generations.

This initiative saw light thanks to the clear vision and dedication of the company’s founders, Oscar, Antonio, and Edgar Yamin, who decided to support education programs in Lebanon. They believe that education is not only a springboard for Lebanon’s future, but also an important and essential tool to ensure welfare of the future generations.

On this occasion, Coral chairman Mr. Oscar Yamin, indicated that “Investing in our children’s education, means investing in a brighter and safer tomorrow for the country. Coral believes that the active support of Lebanese youth today, constitutes an inevitable and obligatory path to the recovery of Lebanon.”

This thinking mirrors Coral’s corporate culture and values, the company having demonstrated over time its unwavering determination to stand by every Lebanese citizen and family.

It is worth mentioning that empowering education is part of a larger corporate social responsibility program undertaken by Coral, to support the Lebanese community. The company is also supporting the struggling medical facilities and other public service institutions to ensure medical and social support are provided to all and in all localities. Moreover, Coral constantly supports sports, emergency response organizations of all types, as well as creative, cultural, and artistic local talents. This ideology is anchored on the belief that those gestures and contributions to the Lebanese society, define the culture of today and actively shape that of our future generations. For Coral, Lebanon and the Lebanese people simply come first, and their prosperity and welfare will always be the company’s primary mission.

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