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Breaking the ice: how MaliaTec leveraged the Wialon platform to make Transcorp’s cold chain logistics more efficient

by Gurtam

The world of telematics is constantly growing and evolving, with research predicting that the telematics industry will reach a compound annual growth rate of 17.85% between 2022 and 2027. The sector is seeing an unprecedented wave of innovation and a whole realm of successful use cases. To recognise companies that deliver outstanding projects making use of telematics and IoT technologies, the world’s largest GPS tracking and IoT platform, Wialon, launched the IoT project of the year contest. In the 2022 contest edition, the telematics service provider MaliaTec took home the trophy for the ‘Cold chain transportation’ category.

MaliaTeс works towards the digitalization of working environments for a range of different sectors, utilizing mobility, automation, IoT and digital solutions, ranging from warehouse automation to GPS tracking. Headquartered in Lebanon, it helps businesses to connect their assets to enhance the productivity and efficiency of workforces in the MENA region. 

MaliaTec’s winning project demonstrated one of the many use cases of telematics and IoT technology utilization – specifically employing the Wialon platform. Wialon empowers thousands of businesses to optimize operations by effectively processing and analyzing telematics data, and MaliaTec successfully leveraged the platform’s capabilities to drive commercial success.

Complete overhaul: how MaliaTec used Wialon to evolve fleet management processes for UAE’s leading cold chain distributor

MaliaTec was approached by Transcorp International to help increase visibility into its fleet and improve the overall efficiency of fuel control, maintenance works, temperature control, and routing, amongst other critical fleet management variables. 

Transcorp International, one of the UAE’s leading cold chain distributors, operates a fleet of 300 vehicles and performs over 15,000 deliveries every day. The company required a complete fleet operations overhaul to be able to compete in the current market. As Transcorp International works with large multinational retail and wholesale clients such as Amazon and Carrefour, this overhaul was all the more important as these organizations needed to ensure Transcorp’s operating efficiency. To improve it, MaliaTec leveraged Wialon’s maintenance management and video telematics modules, as well as the ability to create and edit geofences, specific areas on the map used to track units within or outside of these areas.

Integrating innovative solutions with Wialon

To help Transcorp International meet its goals and streamline cold chain logistics, MaliaTec installed and connected a range of devices transferring telematics data to the Wialon platform. 

MaliaTec began by using Wialon’s real-time tracking, maintenance management, logistics and video telematics functionality to provide its client with more fleet visibility. These modules of the system were combined with MaliaTec’s route optimisation solution ‘MaliaTrack’ to help further improve the company’s cold chain logistics management and drive operational efficiency. 

Additionally, MaliaTec provided the client with a Locator link which allows it to monitor and track all delivery drivers, making the process of delivering goods much more transparent for all involved. Such important processes, like fuel consumption reporting and preventative maintenance, were automated to drive costs down in the long run.

Wialon provides benefits beyond ensuring operational efficiency and also works to support drivers. It is well-known that fatigue is a common cause of road accidents, and during Ramadan, this is a heightened issue with drivers fatigued from a day of fasting, rushing home from work.

The safety of their drivers is a top priority for Transcorp, that’s why MaliaTec installed video telematics software and cameras to gain insight and data points from any incidents. Using video telematics, fleet managers are able to tap into a vehicle’s live feed and check on drivers in real-time to make sure they are fully alert and in the right state to continue their journey. Wialon’s video module provides footage which serves as a platform for analysis and education, with a view to improving driver behavior.

The results: market-leading 98% success rate for next-day deliveries

This project led Transcorp International’s average success rate for guaranteed next-day deliveries to 98.2%, which far exceeds the standard industry rate of 70%. The company has also been able to narrow down waiting time by increasing delivery windows to four per day, which is very high compared to an industry standard of two windows.

Combining Wialon with MaliaTec’s route optimization solution ‘MaliaTrack’ led to a reduction of 6.2% in kilometers driven per month. As a direct result of less mileage, Transcorp now sees remarkable cost savings and efficiencies in fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance. The telematics solution also allows goods to be delivered much faster, and the company is now a market-leader in cold chain deliveries, unlocking new opportunities and an increase in revenue.

The telematics industry is predicted to continue to grow, and as it does, the number of success stories like this will grow providing exciting ideas and opportunities for businesses across a range of different sectors. Be sure to keep an eye out for more innovative IoT and telematics projects, both Wialon-based and using other GPS tracking systems.



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