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100 years young

by Yasser Akkaoui

2020 has proven to be one the most tumultuous and unrestrained years in this little nation’s 100 year existence. Twelve months of continuous and unexpected predicaments of the worst kinds, all endured with exemplary dignity and integrity. The extent of empathy, generosity and care offered so selflessly by the people is simply humbling. Look in the eyes of healthcare professionals and youths turned saviors in explosion devastated areas and you will understand. It is this sense of pride that allowed for people to repair their homes, renew their shops and pick-up the pieces of their lives

The beginning of the second century in the history of modern Lebanon coincides with the beginning of another fight between two sets of socioeconomic models. Lebanon will either move forward or be stuck in the past. Lebanon will either contribute to the world of knowledge, and the knowledge economy, or will watch the world progress.  Lebanon will either let corruption devastate its society and environment, or it is going to unite for what is right. History taught us that Lebanon is not a nation that can be held hostage for long.

This magazine will always believe in a Lebanon that can rebuild and reform its economy, strategize its healthcare and education, combat poverty and corruption, and develop entrepreneurship and its diaspora.

Lebanon has greedy enemies, within and without. We now understand more than ever who our enemies are and what they are after, and there is a lot we can do besides being dragged into violence.

For many, 2020‘s events seemed desolately out of sequence. But after being thrown abruptly into this new reality, we know that this is the new order of things, and we have risen to the challenge.

It is our national pride that is frightening.

Lebanon will defeat and outlive its enemies.

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Yasser Akkaoui

Yasser Akkaoui is Executive's editor-in-chief.

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