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Cry Treason

by Yasser Akkaoui

The wound is still bleeding and the pain even more agonizing. Look at the mortified fury in the eyes of all those whose lives got affected by the blast.  Their eyes, and their voices, are asking for justice. Their wound is open until justice is not a slogan but reality. Justice has not been delivered to this day. Are we surprised? We knew that there was nothing to expect from the criminals that allowed this explosion to happen. Perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked then. But the question left to ask is this: Who but ourselves shall we turn to when all evidence points at those who were entrusted with protecting us? 

Justice is a long and painful process especially when those who were busy facilitating and covering up for this mass murder rather than preventing it are roaming free. Adding to the wound is the fact that they are appearing on media insulting our intelligence with their deceitful empty words. We know the truth, thanks to the collective 46-year-old familiarity with the ways that our warlords of any color have treated us. You deprived us of our dignity – justice will be served. 

It is figuring out how to effect change and justice that is keeping us busy. Our home-grown elites who never learned about the nature of their sovereignty, have become the criminals who never fail in one single thing alone: cheating the citizens. Year in and year out they have conspired criminally and obscurely while we were busy creating, innovating, growing value, and creating jobs, all while enduring against all the worst odds that they wreaked on us. 

One year ago on this day, Beirut was presented with the final bill of their corruption. Today we wish to inform them: More than ever, we are determined to hold you responsible to your criminal actions.

And we will. 

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Yasser Akkaoui

Yasser Akkaoui is Executive's editor-in-chief.

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