by Greg Demarque

October 17: Protesters set fire in Downtown on Thursday on the first day of the revolts.
October 18: Demonstrations continued with protestors closing roads in downtown.
October 20: Sunday’s protest was the largest gathering in Downtown since February 2005.
October 22: This photo depicts elements of an open air carnival in Riad el-Solh.
October 23: Protestors in Jal el-Dib blocked the highway on both sides and the Lebanese Army was deployed to open the road but was unsuccessful.
October 23. Remains from a shop front window which protesters broke on the first day of the protests.
October 23: Protesters sing the national anthem in Martyr’s Square.
October 27: Lebanese form a human chain from Tripoli to Sour (Source AFP).
October 29: An eldery protestor is rescued by his fellow activists after being attacked on Fouad Chehab bridge.
October 29: Security forces attempt to contain the violence in Martyr’s Square.
October 29: A protester in Riad el-Solh surveys the damage done by Hezbollah and Amal supporters who destroyed tents in the area.
October 29: Protesters refuse to be intimidated and instead make a sculpture out of the ruined tents and continue their demonstrations.

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Greg Demarque

Greg Demarque is a photo journalist based in Beirut.

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