Executive’s “Quote of the Month” throughout 2019

Looking back

Photo by Greg Demarque | Executive
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“It’s different from Washington and London, we
should maybe teach them how to run a country without a budget.”

Then-caretaker foreign minister, Gebran Bassil, answering a question on cabinet formation in an interview with CNN, January 22, 2019.


“My decision and the government’s decision is to work, work, work.”

Prime Minister Saad Hariri, speaking to Parliament ahead of a vote of confidence in the government on February 15.


“How does stockpiling tens of thousands of rockets and missiles in Lebanon territory for use against Israel make this country stronger?”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking at a press conference in Beirut on March 22.


“This decision shows that the US audacity and folly went beyond limits.”

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on the US decision to designate Iran’s IRGC as a terrorist organization, during a speech on April 10.


“The 2019 budget is not the end. This budget is the beginning of a long road that we decided to take in order to lead the Lebanese economy to safety.”

Prime Minister Saad Hariri, speaking about the proposed budget for 2019 at an iftar dinner in Beirut, on May 25.


“The plan will help the Palestinian private sector capitalize on growth opportunities by improving access to strong, neighboring economies.”

Extract from the White House’s Peace for Prosperity plan, launched in Bahrain, on June 25-26


“They know we are lying to them, and we know that they know we are lying to them. This is the truth, so there is no problem.”

Syrian Nationalist Socialist Party MP Salim Saadeh, speaking in Parliament about the fiscal reductions in the budget and the reforms pledged to donors at CEDRE, before the budget vote on July 19.


“We are not here in solidarity with Mashrou’ Leila. We are here in solidarity with our freedom.”

Part of a statement read aloud by Nada Bou Farhat and Badih Abou Chakra at a concert organized on August 9 in Beirut to protest Byblos International Festival’s dropping of Mashrou’ Leila following a campaign accusing the band of blasphemy.


“Banque du Liban has its reserves in dollars that exceed $38.5 billion and is present in the market and there is no need for any special measures especially because the fear mongering that is happening is more in the media than in the market.”

Banque du Liban Governor Riad Salameh, speaking during a televised press conference on September 23.


“Kellon ya’ni kellon.”

All of them means all of them. One of the chants of the October uprising.


“If they do not like it and there is not a single decent person in power, then they should go and emigrate.”

President Michel Aoun in a live interview discussing the protesters in Lebanon, on November 12.