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Recent investments in property benefits Lebanese real estate developers and buyers

Recent investments in property benefits Lebanese real estate developers and buyers

IN BRIEF Prior to October 17, 2019, the real estate market was suffering from high developer debt and low interest rates on deposits. Lack of trust in banks has since then lead to an uptick in real estate investments, which in turn has allowed developers to pay back their bank loans. Long-term implications on the

Is there a real estate crisis?

Since at least 2014, the country’s real estate developers have been warning of troubling times ahead. The sector slowdown had begun much earlier, as Executive reported in its October 2018 real estate special report, and sector stakeholders have, for several years now, expressed hope that the next year would be better—repeating this mantra, as if

Paula Yacoubian talks development

Six months into her role as a member of Parliament, Paula Yacoubian has been busy doing what she can in a difficult situation, given that a new government has not yet been formed. While admitting that she alone cannot resolve the major issues facing Lebanon today—such as water shortages and power cuts—Yacoubian details how she

Pegged urbanization and the (in)stability of Lebanese capitalism

Ten years ago, the massive failure of subprime mortgage holders and lenders in the United States dealt a devastating blow to the world economy. The worst international financial, economic, and social crisis since the Great Depression had its origin in one of the most potent features of the financial turn of capitalism: the ever-intensifying finance-property

Survival of the fittest for Lebanese real estate developers

Coming into 2018, Lebanon’s real estate market was already sputtering. For several years, real estate developers have complained of worrying market conditions—always hoping that the next year will be better, that the political situation in Lebanon will change, and that buyers will come clamoring back. The first wave of concerns was voiced by developers of