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Sounds of a Lebanese love story

Sounds of a Lebanese love story

Philippe Aractingi, mostly famed for his war-related movies like the critically acclaimed “Bosta” (2005), its follow-up “Under the Bombs” (2007) and his biopic “Heritages” (2013), has offered his fans the exquisite fruit of two years of labor. “Listen (Ismaii)” is a masterfully crafted, delightful piece of art that is co-written, co-produced and directed by the


There is no greater form of hospitality than that of welcoming people into your sanctuary, the comfort of your home. This tradition was once embedded in the lives of most Lebanese who would keep their houses’ front doors constantly open to welcome visitors. With the passing of time and the shift in priorities in our

Donner Sang Compter

In the span of less than seven years, Donner Sang Compter (DSC) – a Lebanese non-profit NGO that links potential blood donors to patients in urgent need – has directly contributed to saving around 60,000 lives. DSC was founded in January 2009 by then 23-year-old Yorgui Teyrouz, who was urged to act when he witnessed

Officine Panerai

It comes as little surprise that with the coming of smartphones most people have stripped themselves of those old age address books, notebooks, calendars, recorders and even cameras, since having all those things embedded in a single device undoubtedly makes life much easier. Even wristwatches have become dispensable – why would anybody need one when


A beautiful piece of jewelry is aesthetically appealing. A beautiful piece of jewelry with a story behind it is even more interesting. And when the story is fueled by talent, creativity, entrepreneurial drive and a spirit of activism, a piece of jewelry can evolve into a tangible testimonial. VANINA’s range is an exquisitely crafted collection

Artscoops: a beirut based online art platform

“Tell me what you collect, tell me how you collect, and I will tell you who you are.” – Jean Willy Mestach (1926-2014). As the late artist and collector of African art Mestach aptly insinuates, assessing someone’s private art collection is a subtle yet indisputably revealing glimpse into their mind and soul. Yet, although what

Issam Merheb’s social criticism through ‘Velfies’

Issam (‘SiMi’) Merheb is Lebanon’s latest viral sensation. His 60 second ‘Velfies’ (Video-Selfies), which he began filming from his car, have taken the social media scene by storm. In the videos, Issam shares his personal observations, sarcastically reflecting upon high society’s latest personality disorder symptoms. Each of his videos is a comical example of the

‘One Night on Broadway’ By Roy Khoury

One of the delights no theater enthusiast would ever miss on a trip to London or New York is a West End or Broadway musical. This performance, which mingles the worlds of acting, singing and dancing, can be a truly enchanting spectacle, one which we have never had the chance to experience on our home