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In photos: Fashioning jewelry

How Yeprem creates its masterpieces

by Nabila Rahhal

Established in 1964, Yeprem is named after its founder Yeprem Chakardemian and is now run by his children, two of whom are the jewelry house’s designers. Yeprem is known for its use of celebrity endorsements to market its luxury designs.

Yeprem not only designs the jewelry but also has its own atelier, housed in the company headquarters in Bourj Hammoud. Most of their artisans have been working with them from the beginning but, when needed, recruitment for new craftspeople is done through contacts with the local Bourj Hammoud clubs and Armenian newspapers.

An artisan closely inspects each diamond with a magnifier to assess its quality before using it for jewelry
Using a high-powered microscope, the artisan sets the diamond stones using a thin needle
Precision and a steady hand are needed for this delicate task
Once gold has been added to the bracelet and the diamonds have been set, the final details, such as the clasp, are worked with a plier
The diamonds are polished once the piece is completed
The work dirties the artisan’s hands but the finished piece is spotless
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