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Food security & food safety

by Thomas Schellen

In Lebanon, 46 percent of households are food insecure – a figure likely to rise in the coming months as state subsidies on essential imports like cooking oil, bread and rice, come under strain as the government struggles to provide foreign currency. As Lebanon’s ability to import goods reduces, it is necessary to turn inwards and assess the ability of the local agriculture industry in meeting the country’s growing needs.

With that in mind, Executive talks to Atef Idriss, CEO of the Middle East and North Africa Food Safety Associates, and Marc Bou Zeidan, a cluster manager at Qoot, a Lebanese agri-food cluster, to discuss efficiency gaps in the sector, while exploring feasible solutions and sustainable opportunities.


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Thomas Schellen

Thomas Schellen is Executive's editor-at-large. He has been reporting on Middle Eastern business and economy for over 20 years. Send mail

Atef Idriss


Marc Bou Zeidan


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