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APRIL 2015

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APRIL 2015




Healthcare: A prescription of order

Injecting hope into a virulent healthcare setting

Food: Hungry for change

A new law is needed to ensure the country’s food is safe to eat

ICT: Light a fire

Some problems with Lebanon’s internet can be fixed quickly; others cannot

Urban planning: Throw open the doors

The public must be given a say in how Beirut grows


New prescription form: Waiting for (re)forms
The new unified prescription form’s future implementation remains in question


ICT: Abdel Moneim Youssef, a master muddler
A bewildering 40 minutes with Abdel Moneim Youssef

ICT: Four reasons Lebanon’s internet is slow
Broadband in Lebanon faces layers of obstacles

Slaughterhouses: Wael Abou Faour’s army
Wael Abou Faour’s food safety campaign may not outlive him

Oil & gas: Lebanon’s latest onshore survey
The ‘first look’ results from Lebanon’s airborne onshore survey are promising

Oil & gas comment: Thinking ahead
Lebanon can learn from Israel’s bumbling regulatory changes for offshore gas

Comment: Feeling the heat
Notorious for their hydrocarbon consumption, Gulf countries are beginning to fight back against climate change


Lebanon’s ski resorts plan for the future
Lebanon’s ski resorts plan for the future … come snow or shine

Makdessi Street: A roller coaster ride
Makdessi Street’s nightlife has dramatically risen and fallen in popularity over the past 10 years

ArabNet showing signs of maturity
As ArabNet begins its fifth Beirut conference, it is also showing signs of maturity — and corporatization


Beirut’s private coast: Seashore, Inc.
How developers are positioning themselves along Beirut’s western waterfront



Human capital: How to entice right
Middle Eastern firms can lure the best and brightest, if only they implement the right strategies

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