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Reading Time: 3 minutes Rooted with one leg in technology and with one leg in services, stands with a well-established reputation as a leading authority in the region on all questions related to jobs. The company’s core activity is the provision of an internet-based marketplace connecting global job seekers and Middle East-based employers. The company has also leveraged

Rebalancing the equation

Reading Time: 8 minutes Events following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on the global stage involved wars and fundamental challenges to the established political and economic frameworks. While the ability to draw direct correlations between a past event and present challenges dissipates over time, now, a decade after the event, 9/11 must be

Q&A – Larry Prein

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Ford Motor Company, the grandparent of affordable Americanautomobiles, has just reaped first-quarter profits of $2.6 billion [AED 9.55billion], putting them on pace for a record year. The group’s resurgence andrecent success in the United States and international markets has beenattributed by the global media to a focus on fuel efficiency and smaller cars.Executive spoke

Smiles from the starting line

Reading Time: 6 minutes Car distributors in the Gulf and Middle East region have seensales bloom in the first quarter of 2011. Whether they are unrestrainedly regalchariots or utterly practical wheels, vehicles made by automotive brandmanufacturers of the Far East, Europe and the United States have enjoyedbroadly improved demand in the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant, as comparedwith the

Equities in times of upheaval

Reading Time: 8 minutes When the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) finally resumed trading on March 23, six weeks after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, officials were pragmatic about the day’s 8.9 percent drop in the EGX 30 index. The gain of freedom far outweighed the economic cost of the revolution, interim EGX Chairman Mohammed Abdel-Salam told reporters. It

Q&A – Ali Rashed Lootah

Reading Time: 6 minutes     Nakheel, the master developer of Dubai’s trademark Palm Islands and many other ambitious projects, has recently restarted a portion of its developments after a difficult period of two years. Fully owned by the state of Dubai via parent company Dubai World, Nakheel had to restructure and refinance. The restructuring is near completion, with

The only way is up

Reading Time: 6 minutes The term ‘stock market’ has quite a ring to it, particularly in the mouths of emotionally-invested stock market officials. Listening to them explaining the appeal and importance of securities trading is more like reading poetry: “the stock exchange has made our hearts beat faster” and the securities market is “the main mirror of the economy.”

Beware the blind spot

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Lebanon has long represented to Middle Eastern insurance operators what Eton stands for in relation to Anglo-Saxon education – it is one of the oldest insurance sectors in the region, has produced a substantial portion of the leading individuals in the industry and prides itself on containing some of the highest skill concentrations. And

An issue of trust

Reading Time: 8 minutes   The Arab World’s 16 active stock markets’ combined market capitalization in the fourth quarter of 2010 amounted to substantially more than $900 billion, confirming that Middle East and North African (MENA) equity markets are an increasingly important force in regional economic development. The performance was not all sunny, however. Market indices for member institutions