Business briefing: 16 Dec 2013

Israeli killed by shots from Lebanon, plus other news

Economics and Policy

An Israeli soldier has been killed by a Lebanese army sniper from across the border, the Israeli military has said.

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Egypt will pay $300 million of the money it owes to foreign oil companies in Egyptian pounds, a Finance Ministry statement said, as part of a $1.5-billion repayment scheme designed to revive confidence in its economy battered by years of turmoil.

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The majority of MENA economies are expected to grow over the next year partially owing to higher oil production, according to asset manager PineBridge Investments.

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Abu Dhabi has set up a $27m fund to help support local farmers and develop more sustainable farming methods over the next five years.

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Companies and Business

The Mall of Qatar, a retail and entertainment project set for completion in September 2015, will offer an experience completely unique to those seen in Dubai, according to its head.

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