Business briefing: 25 Nov 2013

Lebanon crackdown on Syrian businesses, plus other news

Economics and Policy

Lebanon will close any illegal Syrian businesses after a nationwide survey on these enterprises is completed, a senior official at the Economy Ministry said over the weekend.

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Iran’s pledge to limit nuclear work in return for looser economic sanctions will have a “muted” impact on crude prices as the nation’s oil sales remain capped, said analysts including Societe Generale SA’s Mark Keenan.

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Dubai’s benchmark stock index rose to the highest in almost two weeks on bets the emirate will win the right to host the World Expo 2020.

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Egypt is revising the prices it pays to buy gas from foreign energy companies operating in the country and plans to sign new contracts to “reassure” the firms


Qatar has donated $350 million to a fund to compensate civilians and security force members in south Yemen who were forced from their jobs.

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