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It’s the economy, stupid

Chart: Morsi failed Egypt on growth, debt

by Tamara Rasamny

After overthrowing the dictator Hosni Mubarak in 2011, the hopeful Egyptian people held their first democratic elections — eventually leading to Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohammed Morsi becoming president.

But now, one year after taking over, he faces an ongoing uprising against his rule, with the military setting him an ultimatum to reach a deal with the protesters.

Much of the reason for his historic unpopularity has been Morsi's inability to improve the economy. GDP growth has remained at a disappointing two percent and most other indices are going the wrong way — unemployment has risen, as has debt, while foreign reserves have collapsed. Meanwhile the government has been negotiating an International Monetary Fund loan — which could provide the country with much needed boost — for over a year.

Click here or on the graph below for the interactive guide to Morsi's economic record.

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