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by reeda

March 2015



Working women: Closing the gap
Integrating more Lebanese women into the workforce is an economic imperative

Crisis economy: The blame game
Lebanon must not hold Syrian refugees responsible for its economic woes

Flip the switch
Or give us a better reason it’s off


Crisis economy: Misplaced accusations
Inflows of humanitarian aid into Lebanon have helped mitigate economic losses

Crisis economy: Prognosis growth
Humanitarian aid inflows spur growth in Lebanon’s healthcare sector


Deregistration: A refugee on paper
Running from war, bureaucracy could be Syrians’ greatest obstacle

ICT infrastructure: Flipping the switch
Lebanon’s fiber optic internet backbone is largely in place, but remains unused

Cleaning up
Turning trash into profit

Slaughterhouse: Where’s the beef?
Beirut’s butchers seem to have moved their operations, but where to is anyone’s guess


Cedrus Bank: Seeking alpha status
A new entrant to Lebanon’s banking sector looks for rapid growth



Women march on
Addressing gender equality in Lebanon and the region

Women in the workplace: An obstacle course
Lebanese women are striving to confront gender discrimination in the workforce

A talk with Human Rights Watch’s executive director Kenneth Roth
Director of HRW Kenneth Roth discusses the oppression of women in the Middle East

Profiles of seven successful working women
A public servant working to make gender a non issue

In a man’s world
Lebanese women defying gender stereotypes in a quest for success


Food safety & brand reputation
The brand, the consumer and the management of a reputation crisis


Shahiya, an investment by Japanese company Cookpad
Tokyo based Cookpad pays $13.5 million for Lebanon’s NetSila