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Lebanon’s grand plans for a new capital

Lebanon’s grand plans for a new capital

Reading Time: 3 minutes A project to build a new capital city for the Republic of Lebanon has been initiated and LBP 1.5 trillion ($1 billion) has already been pledged for the master plan and the acquisition of land, representatives of the Friends of Open Lebanese Society organization and Dar Arab Youth, an affiliate of the Arab Legacy League, told

Cleisthenes, meet Ares

Reading Time: < 1 minute February marks the 10th anniversary of the Second Intifada’s conclusion. Since then, Israel has held three elections for its parliament, the Knesset, and been involved in at least four major military offenses — facts that some suggest are related. With today’s escalation along Lebanon’s southern border and Israeli elections due in March, we decided to see if

Firefighting ships attempt to put out the fire on BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling unit in the Gulf of Mexico

Deficiency reigns

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lebanon suffers from “high” deficiencies of social and environmental baseline data as well as a “capacity deficiency within authorities,” according to the long-awaited strategic environmental assessment (SEA) related to potential oil and gas activities, recently published by the Lebanese Petroleum Administration. More than two years after it was completed — and despite promises that it would be

In photos: Fashioning jewelry

Reading Time: < 1 minute Established in 1964, Yeprem is named after its founder Yeprem Chakardemian and is now run by his children, two of whom are the jewelry house’s designers. Yeprem is known for its use of celebrity endorsements to market its luxury designs. Yeprem not only designs the jewelry but also has its own atelier, housed in the company

A very holy month

Reading Time: 2 minutes As the World Cup’s 2014 ‘Round of 16’ drew to a close last week, Executive once again sat down with a few hospitality venue owners to see whether the recent suicide bombings and the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan had affected them. Some restaurants airing the games had indeed noticed lesser volume of people

Football fans watch a World Cup game at Al Falamanki

Where to watch the World Cup

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a venue for World Cup viewing. The size of the screen, arrangement and comfort levels of the seating, the venue’s promotions and general ambiance are all crucial criteria. To take some of the weight off, Executive has done the groundwork and compiled a list of

World Cup at Beirut Fan Park Italy vs England

Broadcasting the World Cup

Reading Time: 4 minutes Watching sports is often a group activity and viewing the World Cup in Lebanon is certainly no exception. Every night since the onset of the games, crowds gather around TV screens, at home or in commercial venues, and loud cheers mixed in with the occasional firework are a common celebratory occurrence. World Cup fever strikes

A metallic sculpture

In photos: Beirut Design Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week saw Lebanon’s designers out in force, participating in the annual Beirut Design Week (BDW). Now in its third year, BDW has made a name for itself in showcasing and engaging the local creative community. The week featured around 87 exhibitions by local designers along with a variety of talks by international and local

A broadcast game

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the 2014 FIFA World Cup looms closer and excitement levels peak among fans, one question is on almost every Lebanese mind: how can one watch the games? Answers to this question circulated across social circles and media platforms, compounded by speculation on whether the national television station Tele Liban will be airing the games

Just like a wavin’ flag

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everywhere in Lebanon, it seems there are so many international flags festooning balconies and fluttering from cars that one could be forgiven for thinking that numerous foreign dignitaries are visiting the country — or perhaps establishing mobile branches of their embassies. In reality, all this is merely a Lebanese way of preparing for the World Cup