A map of Mar Mikhael’s bars

A list of the bars, cafés and restaurants in Beirut’s coolest district

Mar Mikhael's famous multicolored steps
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The Mar Mikhael district of Beirut is undoubtedly the city’s most fashionable right now. Its rise has been so rapid that it can be a challenge just keeping on top of all the latest bars.

For that reason we present below a map of the bars, restaurants and cafés in the area. You can even print it out and carry it around. Click here or on the image to expand it.

A map of Mar Mikhael

[/media-credit]A map of Mar Mikhael

Correction: A previous version of this map excluded Les Fenetres. Our apologies.

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  1. Missag said:

    Hello executive-magazine

    I want to ask I dirrct question..ccan we add our pub on the map scale? Its called woodstock. Address Ibrahim basha street facing sectuer. Thnak you.