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As the Lebanese crisis of insufficient politics, imperiled economy, impaired liquidity, and quarrelsome financial behaviors is limping toward its next pain point, the topics of banking and financial restructuring are taking center stage. The judicial and organizational implications for the banking industry are vital for the future of Lebanon’s economy.

As always in our June issue, Executive’s special report focus is Lebanon’s banking and finance sector. This year, more than any, requires urgent, considered, and measured analysis that address both the short view and the long view of a sector under immense pressure.

Our June issue is therefore coming to our readers past the mid of the month, in order to allow our analysis to retain relevancy in a fast moving—yet seemingly with little progress—news environment.

We hope that you will enjoy seeing our content in its usual format in this PDF version that is available to read online or download. Of course, all the articles and analyses within remain available to read individually online, and will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. 

To our readers, we thank you again for our patience and your support during what is a difficult time for us all. We will continue in our efforts to provide clear, accurate, and independent information in the hope that our coverage can play its role in the vitial discourse on the Lebanon’s future.

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