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February 2017

by Livia Bergmeijer



Free minds of Lebanon, unite!


Only change is constant

2017 looks set to continue the upheaval of the recent past

Precious momentum

Oil & gas decrees passed and bidding set to begin

It still stinks

The new government cannot ignore waste management

Stand up for Lebanon

No harm in prioritizing Lebanon as long as we remain a part of the wider world


How to have a fair election

Parliament is weighing different proposals

Real risks and fake pathos

Outlook on global risk scenarios

A roadmap for the first licensing round

Government passes long awaited decrees

A full load of plans to spur on the economy

Interview with Minister of Economy and Trade

The administration’s missing cogs

Worrisome vacancies in senior position

Putting meat on the skeleton of the state

Prospects are high for adoption of a budget

Interview with a public servant

Alain Bifani talks about life in the civil service

Shedding light on a black market

One step forward, two steps back in curbing illegal phone imports

Yossi Alpher, No End of Conflict

Rethinking Israel-Palestine relations


The power of a snowflake

A positive winter season revitalizes Lebanon’s resort towns

Of spirits and whiskies

Lebanon’s alcohol distributors discuss growth and trends


No silver bullet

Removing one man will not fix Lebanon’s internet