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In pictures: Protests against the new government

In pictures: Protests against the new government

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Tuesday, February 11, Downtown Beirut saw clashes between security forces and hundreds of protesters who had gathered to block access to Parliament ahead of a vote of confidence on the new government. Several rounds of clashes between protesters and police resulted in the injuries of 373 people, 45 of whom were taken to hospital

In pictures: Day 101 of the uprising

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Saturday January 25, protesters came back out in the hundreds to mark over 100 days of the Lebanese uprising, with marches held throughout the city congregating in Downtown Beirut. As the day wore on, as had been the case in previous weekends in January, the evening was characterized by clashes between riot police and

The resilient brain

Reading Time: 4 minutes IN BRIEF Resilience can be learned and developed. The brain adopts different strategies to cope with stress. There are ways to improve individual resilience during political violence. Resilience, or the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations is not a trait that is unique only to some. In fact, resilience—defined by Professor of Developmental Psychopathology

Not so merry go-round

Reading Time: 7 minutes 2016 October 20 Saad Hariri endorses presidential bid of Michel Aoun. October 31 Aoun, backed by Hezbollah, is elected president of Lebanon, ending a two-year stalemate. November 3 Hariri named as prime minister, promises a new, just electoral law. December 19 Hariri begins his second tenure as PM, forming a 30 minister cabinet that includes

Lebanon Uprising: Quotes

Reading Time: 6 minutes What are the next steps for Lebanon? Between now and year’s end, what do you propose stakeholders in your field should be doing?  “Lebanon should, at long last, find its bearings politically, financially, and economically. A credible and technocratic government should be installed to restore confidence and kickstart the institutional process. The country’s finances should be

Reimagining an alternative Lebanon

Reading Time: 3 minutes The unthinkable has finally happened. A stubborn sectarian system, undergirded by a peculiar postwar political economy, and sustained by institutional and disciplinary practices geared toward reproducing sectarian modes of identification and mobilization, has finally given way. This is a story that can be traced back to the mid-19th century, when the dislocations created by overlapping

A perspective on the solutions offered in last-ditch efforts of old government

Reading Time: 8 minutes The government’s economic rescue plan has been rendered theoretical. The political context of its presentation reveals real dimension of governance failings in the past two years. Analysis of the plan’s composition shows it to be disparate and desperate. Economic reality will require huge efforts beyond the scope of the last plan. What to do with

The first 13 days

Reading Time: 11 minutes Day 1: Thursday, October 17 Protests erupt across the country Protests begin in Downtown Beirut around 6 p.m., triggered by media reports earlier Thursday that cabinet had agreed on new taxes for the 2020 budget, including a tax on Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) that would have cost up to $6 per month for those