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In photos: Fashioning jewelry

In photos: Fashioning jewelry

Established in 1964, Yeprem is named after its founder Yeprem Chakardemian and is now run by his children, two of whom are the jewelry house’s designers. Yeprem is known for its use of celebrity endorsements to market its luxury designs. Yeprem not only designs the jewelry but also has its own atelier, housed in the company

In photos: The creative cave

Every human dwelling owes something to the primordial need for shelter that is associated with the stereotype of a caveman — which is usually a synonym for a life with ample room for cultural refinement. But unfortunately, far too many apartments and even so-called villas of our day and age fit the caveman ticket at

A metallic sculpture

In photos: Beirut Design Week

Last week saw Lebanon’s designers out in force, participating in the annual Beirut Design Week (BDW). Now in its third year, BDW has made a name for itself in showcasing and engaging the local creative community. The week featured around 87 exhibitions by local designers along with a variety of talks by international and local

Flashing the 'V' sign in front of a poster of the incumbent


Tens of thousands of Syrians in Lebanon flocked to their embassy in Yarze, near Beirut, on Wednesday to cast their ballots in the presidential election, the first to take place since the Syrian uprising began in 2011. Even though there were officially three candidates, at times the elections looked more like a rally for President

The 9th edition of Beirut Boat, took place at Port of Beirut, from May 14 to 18

In photos: Luxury at Beirut Boat 2014

The usually calm Pier 1 in the Port of Beirut was alive with glittering super yachts, lavish white leather VIP lounges with hot tubs and various stands showcasing the glamorous maritime world. From May 14 to 18, the pier played host to the ninth edition of Beirut Boat 2014, an annual nautical exhibition organized by

Posters poking fun at the parliamentarians

In photos: Wage scale protest

On Wednesday, May 14, tens of thousands of civil servants and teachers took the streets of downtown Beirut to demand higher wages. It was the biggest demonstration to date regarding the issue. The protesters, who came from areas across Lebanon, first gathered in front of the headquarters of the Association of Banks in Lebanon, and

Protesters wave flags and banners during the march

In photos: Misery and cheer

There are more than a quarter of a million foreign migrant domestic workers (MDW) in Lebanon, according to the International Labor Organization. Yet damning reports from New York-based NGO Human Rights Watch and local women’s rights group KAFA make clear that the majority of these people do not enjoy proper legal protections. Sometimes, this results in tragedy: a worker abused by her employers or another

This says: No to a rent law that is unjust and protects the interests of despots

A day of pressure

Hundreds of employees carried out a protest in Downtown Beirut on Wednesday. Protesters started flocking to Riad Solh Square from 10 am but their flow did not quite swell to a flood. By 11am the crowd loosely filled the stretch of road downhill from the Grand Serail, the headquarters of the Prime Minister.    

Lebanese chefs displaying their dishes

Horeca 2014: The best of Lebanese hospitality

The halls and parking lots of Beirut’s BIEL exhibition center were buzzing with activity from April 1-4 as professionals in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors networked with the latest and greatest in their field.     The 21st edition of Horeca, the annual hospitality and food and beverage services trade show organized by

A man stretching

Down on the Corniche

On any given weekend, a stroll down Beirut’s Corniche will reveal dozens of people trying to get healthy. With summer around the corner, we went down to see how people are preparing.