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February 2015

by reeda





Consulting & human capital: Questionable ethics
The ongoing talent war in Middle East consulting requires ethics, not just aggression

Waste management: Time for a solution
Lebanon will face a flood of garbage unless it commits to a solution

ICT: We want answers
In search of the person who can answer the most basic questions about Lebanon’s communications infrastructure


Strategy & war
The Middle East’s scarcity of qualified consultants is taking the competition for local talent to a whole new level

ICT infrastructure: Playing to your strengths dangerous source
Lebanon’s ICT industry could compete on a global scale … if only the pace of reform picked up

ICT infrastructure: Big fish, small pond
ICT hardware companies are stomaching short term problems as they look to long term gains

Oil spills: Israel’s cold shoulder
Israel is requested to pay Lebanon $856 million for oil spill damages inflicted during the July War

Hospital waste: The dirt beneath the stretcher
Sweeping medical waste under the carpet is no longer an option

Refugees: No rest for the weary
Syrian refugees are subjected to increasingly tight controls in Lebanon

World Food Program
The World Food Program’s Syrian response is faltering

In photos: Out in the cold
Harsh winter storms have put the spotlight on the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon


Drinks: Raise your spirits
Despite tough economic times, Lebanese can still be counted on to enjoy drinks

Technica: Automating the future
Technica, a robotics manufacturer, expands its factory and begins succession planning


Mar Mikhael: (De)sign of the times
Has Mar Mikhael’s rejuvenation spelled its downfall?

Eden Rock Resort: Achour-ed success
The Eden Rock Resort is moving closer to becoming a reality, but still faces a few hurdles

The coast of progress
Gridlock persists over the development of Dalieh



Our small, dependent economy
Lebanon remains hooked on help from abroad