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JUNE 2012




Seeded by neglect
Violence in Northern Lebanon finds roots in poverty

From problem to petty
If only the northern border had it so good

Rebuilding the future
Wealth disparity will only seed future instability

Concepts of conception
Lebanon needs to discuss the making of a new generation

Stung by the small print
Keeping companies honest helps consumers and the state


A tough road to cross
Lebanese banks still profitable, but the challenges are growing

Doors close across the border
Expansion plans unravel as Syrian crisis deepens

Reputations at risk
Syrian affiliates of Lebanese banks complicate compliance

The long arm of Uncle Sam
America throws its weight around in Lebanon

Chained to the debt
Exposure of Lebanon’s commercial banks to the state climbs to $29 billion

The tally rises
Banks need to adjust to wage hikes and new regulations

A chat with Riad Salameh
The government steers a cautious course amid woes at home and abroad

A chat with ABL’s Torbey
Association of Banks in Lebanon chief discusses the future

Boardroom talk
Listening in on the talk at the top

Forcasts: Lebanon’s new normal
Banks ought to get used to more humble profits

The expert opinion MENA stock tips
Regional investment aficionados put the chaos into context

Financial quotes of the month
From the mouths of the world's movers and shakers


The monster beneath us
Is Lebanon ready for the next earthquake?

The devil’s details
Ensuring Lebanon’s oil and gas reap rewards, not regret


First sails to the wind
Akkar project could bring green power to the Lebanese grid

Hoping good fences make good neighbors
Developers look to more affordable locations as downtown land fills up


A town stands tall
Al Qusayr pays a heavy toll for a taste of freedom

The East floats into town
New faces appear at the playground of the rich and famous

Bechara el-Khoury & Mustapha el-Solh
Scions of Lebanon’s forefathers make the Monaco connection

Monaco’s book balancer
Amidst troubled neighbors, Monaco managed to avoid deficits


Drunk on Success
Makdeesi Street’s bar scene grows, as do the happy hours and hangovers

Worthy prince to the king
Tudor’s Lebanese launch stakes a claim beyond its parent Rolex

The Formula One family car
A ride in Ferrari’s 2012 California



Please General, do your job
Sectarian considerations must not stop the army from protecting Lebanon