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MAY 2015




Banking: Resilient or resistant?
Lebanon’s banking system is sclerotic — that must change

Financial technology: Better together
Banks and entrepreneurs would do well by teaming up

Road safety: Finally, teeth
The new traffic law cannot be allowed to go the way of the smoking ban

The Hamra model
Hamra shows why inclusion and diversity beget economic opportunities — and others should copy it


Beirut Port: Holy waters
Lebanon’s Christians are opposing the expansion of Beirut Port — for unclear reasons

Aid money: No money mo’ problems
Aid donations for Syrian refugees are on the decline

Union of domestic workers: Ignored but active
Minister of Labor Sejaan Azzi has yet to allow the union of domestic workers to be registered


Profits ‘Я’ Us
Following years of low profitability Lebanese banks are making money again by expanding their reach abroad.

Central anchor: Q&A with Riad Salameh
Amid unprecedented developments in global finance, Executive speaks to Riad Salameh, the governor of Banque du Liban

The next generation: The banking turnover
Lebanon’s banks gear up for a new generation of bankers and customers

Tech: The brave new world of banking
Some Lebanese banks are more tech savvy than others

BankMed: On a charm offensive
A rare glimpse behind the curtain of BankMed

Comment: Analysis of alpha banks’ numbers
Bankdata’s Dany Baz dives into alpha banks’ numbers


Hamra hospitality: Something for everyone
Navigating Hamra’s patchwork of people, places and cuisine

Shopping in Hamra
An overview of Hamra’s retailers today

Comment: Fashion retailing in Hamra
Tourism and sales are down for retailers in the hip West Beirut neighborhood, prompting retailers to look local


Comment: Surviving a slow market
Lebanon’s real estate market has remained stagnant since 2011

In photos: Sporting design
Photos from two stadiums in Beirut and Sidon highlight contrasting approaches to the use of space



Uncrossing wires
An emergency rescue plan for Lebanon’s electricity sector