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APRIL 2012




Hezbollah softer on Syria?
Resistance tones down its anti-uprising rhetoric

Mainstreaming extremism
The inherent contradictions of Ahmad al-Assir


Rolling back the frontiers of reform
Government grasps at price controls and resurgent anti-capitalism

Parched policies
Lebanese project puts politics over functional public policy

Oil in Lebanon: sparring for margins
Oil importers, government face off over prices

Remaking Yemen’s military
The next perilous step for the revolution


Everyone’s disease
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Healthcare’s disease
Government cancer policy falls prey to pharmaceutical collusion and cost overruns

Treatment costs a pot of gold
New medication and machinery swell the price tag of curing cancer

No pill for the hole in the pocket
Misleading policies and brokers can leave patients to pay up

Fighting the ‘Big C’
The monster of Lebanese cancer treatment

Developing the ideal at home
A new healthcare system should not be imported


A poisoned chalice
Water projects pose disastrous health risks and financial harm

The ministry’s call
New mobile contracts leave a question mark over who is really in control


No longer happy to lend
Lebanese banks reluctant to keep filling a bucket with holes in it

From Beirut to billions
Fady Michel Abouchalache, a son of Lebanon who has soared atop global finance

The man with your books
Executive chats with the head of the central bank’s Special Investigation Committee

Investment guide MENA stock tips
Regional investment gurus give their insider insights

Financial quotes of the month
Wise words from the world's movers and shakers



Syria rendez-vous with the rebellion
From the northern Syrian province of Idlib, a moment in the Syrian uprising

Unbinding the books
Online ascent leaves publishers scraping the bottom of the ink pot


Sibling rivalry
Miscommunication in the communities industries holds everyone back

More public than relations
Regional firms lack maturity, trustworthiness

A revolution’s commercial openings
Advertisers adapting to a new social, digital landscape

The mechanics of creativity
Under pressure, ad industry starts churning out the goods

Ad-vice from the top
The advertising industry’s biggest players speak to the changing times

Complementary or contradictory
Understanding that PR is more than dressed up advertising

The rewards of risk
Lebanese firm finds success where few dare venture

A direct line to the big time
Global tycoons take over a UAE success in digital media

Jean-Claude Boulos
April 13, 1934 -March 4, 2012


Still horsing around
The unharnessed opportunity of Lebanon

Lonely in Luxury
Why the Lebanese elite snub the finest of flying

New kid rising?
Supercar tries to measure up to old favorites

Pimp my Rolls
Uptake in customization soars with sales

Complications amass
World’s timekeepers back on the beat at Baselworld

The Tobacco Keeper
A compelling story thwarted in execution


Blockbuster financing
The high-risk, high reward money behind the making of “The Prophet”



An unnecessary tragedy
Death of domestic worker renews call for basic rights