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Views, Reviews, and Previews

Views, Reviews, and Previews

Reading Time: 5 minutes The new book by Lebanese communications consultant and former ad-man Ramsay Najjar, “Views, Reviews, and Previews”, in intellectual association with Executive, is a tour de force of theories, recommendations and projections on the pivotal role of communications and journalism in the history of humanity, as well as in the unfolding of the Arab uprisings. Executive

No pill for the hole in the pocket

Reading Time: 6 minutes Between rising air pollution, contaminated food, and indoor smoking, cancer in Lebanon is becoming  more common and more expensive. While consolidated numbers do not exist, there are some good signposts that point to the direction we are heading.  MedNet, a leading third-party administrator (TPA) of medical insurance services in Lebanon, offers perhaps the best possible

Jean-Claude Boulos

Reading Time: 2 minutes As his first project, Jean-Claude Boulos put up a building for the first television station in the Middle East, Tele Liban. In his last, he ran a television station in Iraq. He established his own advertising company and led it to prominence.   Over a career spanning 54 years, Jean-Claude was a shaper of television

More public than relations

Reading Time: 4 minutes Public relations — or simply ‘PR’ — in the Middle East reminds one of New York’s Madison Avenue on Friday afternoon: a one-way artery pushing traffic north with no escape from the congestion.  Like traffic in Manhattan, PR in the Middle East is a choking congestion of information flows. Managed mainly from Dubai by a

Sibling rivalry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Each time the editorial calendar calls for coverage of the advertising industry, the same question pushes itself to my frontal lobe; it is not who, what, where, when, or even how that pains the mind but rather why journalists detest writing stories about advertising so instinctively and harbor such an intense dislike of the industry.

The mechanics of creativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes A starving artist is a good artist. That romantic but ludicrous notion has been retired in the last century, but the view that harsh times bring more creativity in business may still ring true. The Middle East advertising industry, which has experienced a range of economic challenges since 2008, has started 2012 on quite humble

A direct line to the big time

Reading Time: 5 minutes Digital has dominated the discussion in the world’s advertising industry recently, but in the Middle East, the economic adoption of cyber marketing has occured haltingly: spending on electronic advertising in 2011 still thrashed about in low percentages of marketing budgets.  However, this did not void the region entirely of success stories in the digital marketing

Q&A Ghassan Hasbani

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) currently leads the expansion of telecommunications operators from the Middle East. It also is a main player in the development of regional content offerings both as distributor of content and as 71-percent owner of Intigral, a company focused on the mobile applications and content space. Executive caught up with Ghassan

Q & A – Hamadoun Touré

Reading Time: 3 minutes The United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) partners with governments to define the global rules that underlie the development of the information society. It has also assumed a growing role in seeking to employ information and communications technology in reaching the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Executive sat down with the ITU’s Secretary General Hamadoun Touré

The apper class

Reading Time: 11 minutes Times always seem fortuitous for those companies in information and communications technology (ICT) that focus on the newest and fastest growing demand. This is even truer when other outlooks in the economy are, to say it nicely, as subdued as is the case today. So it come as no surprise that the handful of Lebanese