December 2018



Turning point


Lebanon faces a lot of big IFs in 2019

Everything is speculative
Oil and gas in the Eastern Mediterranean
2018 roundup
A vision for Lebanon in 2050
Do or die 
Lebanon’s waste sector at risk of the same mismanagement as electricity
Another crisis of our own making

Lebanon’s electricity crisis

Getting to the heart of it

The Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon

Ignored but ongoing

Is there a real estate crisis?

Uncertainty, inflation drag on the real estate market

Rape subculture in Lebanon


Lebanon’s financial woes are home spun

A Dickensian drama

Ziad Hayek discusses two PPP projects

New PPP projects underway to upgrade infrastructure


Numbers & figures


Lebanon’s banks remain stable, seeing moderate growth

Standing against chaos

The financial situation in Lebanon

2018 in review, and onwards to 2019

Outlook and potentials in the Lebanese insurance sector

The view from the ICC

Q&A with Freddie Baz, chief strategist and board member of Bank Audi

Perspectives from the pinnacle of Lebanese banking


Numbers & figures


Lebanon’s five star hotels diversifying markets and offerings

The world is their oyster

Give Lebanon’s tourism industry a chance

The right mindset will change it all

Tech opportunities for the Lebanese hospitality industry

Getting online

More than one way to cluster

Venture Group discusses its business model and future projects

Lebanon’s seasoned F&B operators talk challenges and secrets to success

Masters of the scene

Venture Group’s expansion of their hospitality cluster model in Lebanon and beyond

Full speed ahead
Tourism needs a cohesive plan of action
Lebanon, expose those hidden gems

Zomato’s journey in Lebanon

Overcoming challenges

Nicholas Chammas talks current trade situation and the way out

A bleak future


Numbers & figures


Hope for industry despite challenges

Maintaining growth
Wine producers discuss domestic consumption
Made in Lebanon with pride

The UNIDO view on Lebanon’s industrial sector

In need of support

All Lebanese must do their part to help revive the agricultural sector

The agri-food revolution


The growing pains of Lebanon’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

Start ups and downs

Can Lebanon construct a multi-channel digital future for serious journalism?

Seeking real digital entrepreneurship in quality content

Lebanese startups in need of investments

Time to make the transition

Lebanon’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

Invest in the building blocks

2018 has been a better year for startups

From seed to growth


Forever younger, forever on a quest

Not what we are but what we aim to be